Almedalen 2015


Sunday 28th of June
Venue: Wisby Strand Kongress, Strandvägen 4, Visby


12:00               Buffet and mingling at Wisby Strand (Mayors, speakers, organizers and                                    partners)

13:00              Success in Paris? How can cities contribute?
                        And is it a Nordic way to Paris and beyond?

Governments around the world have failed to lay the foundation for a global climate agreement. There are many doubts regarding the possible success of the Paris Summit in 2015.

 A possible way to make progress, and take significant action where national governments have failed, is for the world’s cities, big and small, to take the lead in developing and implementing appropriate responses. Mayors and other municipal leaders have already begun to implement strong climate mitigation, adaptation, technology, finance policies and programmes, both individually and through coalition organisations like the C40 and ICLEI. And how can mayors and cities in the Nordics contribute. Is it a roadmap to Paris and beyond?

  • Björn Jansson, Mayor of Gotland,
  • Anders Wijkman, co-president Club of Rome
  • Maria Wetterstrand, Climate Advisor and former Spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party
    Facilitator: Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director, Stockholm Environment Institute, (SEI)


13.30               Low-carbon investments in cities – the way to build a sustainable                               future

Cities generate around 80% of global economic output, and around 70% of global energy use and energy-related GHG emissions. How cities develop will be critical to the future path of the global economy and climate – thus this is a great opportunity. What are the barriers to get the investments right?

  • Jakob Granit, Director, SEI Stockholm
  • Gury Melby, Dep Mayor of Oslo, Norway
  • Sóley Tómasdottir, President of Council Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Mats A Andersson, CEO, 4th Pension Fund, Sweden
  • Tiina Kähö, Senior Lead, Sitra, Finland

Facilitator: Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director, SEI


14.30                    How cities lead the way – successful cases on urban                                                          transformation
Cities are at the heart of sustainable development. Whereas cities account for a large share of global emissions, cities are also arenas for new ideas and technical solutions. What are the keys to success in urban transformation? Successful cases from various parts of the world.

  • Niklas Nordström, Deputy Mayor of Luleå, Sweden
  • Aleksi Randell, Mayor of Turku, Finland
  • Nils Hillebrand, Deputy Mayor of Linköping, Sweden
  • Bo Frank, Mayor of Växjö, Sweden
  • Sandra Frank, Marketing Director, Folkhem
  • Yvonne Borg, Director of Communications, E.ON
  • Pernilla Bonde, CEO, HSB

Facilitator: Hanna Begler, Project Manager, Global Utmaning


15:30                                  Coffee break


16.00                                  Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Cities

Cities around the globe are taking sustainability to a whole new level, and developing inspiring solutions to many of our greatest urban challenges. The multitude and diversity of these ideas provide a smorgasbord of solutions from which cities can pick and choose based on their own local context.

  •  Morten Kabell, Technic and Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Patrick Burgi, Director, South Pole Group
  • Svante Sjöstedt, Environment Analyst, Gothenburg City
  • Jimmy Jansson, Mayor of Eskilstuna, Sweden
  • Anders Teljebäck, Mayor of Västerås, Sweden
  • Tuula Antola, Director of Economic and Business Development in Espoo, Finland

Facilitator: Barbara Evaeus, Senior Communications Manager, WWF Sweden


17.00                       Innovation & Technology in Urban Sustainable                                                                   Development

How can we use technology and innovation to create sustainable climate friendly cities? With a rapid increase in urbanization cities are playing a bigger role in the battle against climate change. Can local municipalities work as catalyst for urban sustainable development?

  • James Hanusa, Director of Urban Innovation Exchange, San Francisco, USA
  • Henrik Madsen, Professor, DTU Compute, Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, Climate KIC – Nordic
  • Jan Thörnqvist, Sales Director, Saab AB
  • Tomas Häyry, Mayor of Vaasa, Finland
  • Anne Kristine Linnestad, Mayor of Ski, Norway

Facilitator: Jens Olejak, Managing Director Sweden, South Pole group


17:45                 Cities actions and Mayors leadership on the road to Paris –                                           Summing up of the days talk 

How can cities be leading in sustainable global development? The seminars focus on Cities and Mayors work to fight Climate Change. Cities deliver solutions on mitigation, adaptation, technology and finance. All key element in the international negotiation for Climate deal in Paris.

  • Prof David Simon, FAcSS, Director, Mistra Urban Futures
  • Ilmar Reepalu, former Mayor of Malmö, Sweden
  • Runar Balsrud, Mayor of Hurdal, Norway
  • AnnSofie Andersson, Mayor of Östersund, Sweden
  • Mrs Banashri Bose HarrisonAmbassador of India to Sweden & Latvia

Facilitator: Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director, SEI /Alexander Crawford, Process Manager, Global Utmaning

18.20               End


Monday 29th of June
Venue: SIDA, Donnersgatan 6, Visby

08.00-10.00     Urban Goals and New Roles for City Leaders
                               SIDA and Mistra Urban Futures    

In 2015, the UN will decide on a new set of global goals, building on the Millennium Goals. How can we contribute with a Urban Sustainable Development Goal, emphasising the significance and impact of cities’ policies and strategies for a sustainable future?

  • Joachim Beijmo, Director of Communication, Sida.
  • Helen Arfvidsson, Lead Researcher, Mistra Urban Future and University of Gothenburg
  • Case studies from Gothenburg, Cape Town Based on the report from  Mistra Urban Futures, Sida,
  • Daniel Otieno Okutah, Assistant ,City Manager; Head of Education Directorat, Kisumu, Kenya
  • Thore Vestby, Mayor of Frogn, Norway

 Facilitator: Prof David Simon, FAcSS, Director, Mistra Urban Futures


Round Table discussions (Not public)

Venue:  Gotlands Högskola

The round table discussions are exclusive for mayors and speakers. During this day the following topics will be discussed:

  • The smart city – New technologies and Social Innovations
  • Hackathons methods for networking and citizens participations
  • Low-Carbon cities Lab” (LoCaL)
  • Climate and jobs winners in a circular economy
  • Impact investment – New finance solutions for cities?


19.45               Mayors dinner hosted by Region Gotland


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